.303 Savage with paper patched bullets-original or reloads

I have three .303 Savage with paper patched lead bullets. Does anyone have any documentation (catalogs, price lists) that might support that such a load was available from the manufacturer?

In Zimmermans book Savage Ammunition,the 1900& 1903 catalogs show paper-patched bullets. The S.R.A.Co. 303 hs is 1895 - 1897.The U.M.C.
303 S.R.A.Co. is earlier.

The U.M.C. load is a 185 gr. Paper Patched Smokeless Powder loading. I have the 1890 catalog and, of course it is not listed there as the gun had not been made that early.
My next U.M.C. catalog is 1901 and it is listed in that catalog. It continues to be listed until at least 1914. I do not have the 1915-1916 catalogs, but it is no longer listed in the 1917 REM-U.M.C. catalog.

Thank you Dick and Ron. Whenever I run across a paper patched bullet in a smokeless cartridge, I’m reluctant to add it to the collection. I appreciate the information and will add these three with an increased level of confidence that they are correct. And thanks Dick for the headstamp dates - I was not aware of these.