.303 Short Range Practice

Could anyone identify the following .303 cartridge
Bullet is some kind of hard plastic.
Headstamp FN 52 ringcolor purple


It is a short-range practice round. I have seen the same in .30-06. It was made by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium.

This was not made by FN but used their cases. It was made by Arsenal de Munitions, Fort Kol, IMF BROSIUS, Gavers 70, 2070 Zsijndrecht Belgium. Packages are marked with an “ASM” lot number. It was also made in 30-06.

.303 SEC plastic M63 lot 1 ASM 63
As Chris say made by a military arsenal in “ZWIJNDRECHT” about 5km from my door and the same distant from “ANTWERPEN(porte)”. Jan

Thanks for the information.


Hey 451kr,
I don’t know if you got a box to go with that round or not, but just in case you didn’t, here’s a photo of what one looks like.

All of the rounds in my box seem to have the exact same headstamp as your round.