303 "smoke tracer"


well saying on how my last round of ammo was labeled incorrectly and you guys were such a good help id like to ask you guys to see if this is indeed a “smoke tracer” i was told that these make a trail of smoke insted of lighting up like the kind of tracer you would normally think of.
the tip is 2 shades of white, not sure if this is due to bad painting or it is a code i can not find.

you can sort of see the 2 shades of white.


As far as I can see, this is a short range tracer round, produced by Imperial Chemical Industries Kynoch Factory at Kidderminster


No, that is not a smoke tracer, it is a normal flame tracer.

It is a British Tracer G Mark VI, which was an Air Service day tracer, tracing 550 yards at 10,000 feet. Bullet weight was 151 grains.

Smoke tracers were Buckingham type bullets filled with phosphorus. The last smoke tracer in service was the B Mark IV which was classed as an incendiary and can be recognised by the stepped bullet.