303 South African?

Another South African 303 question, this round was purchased as a Match for Bisley and written on the case is M1A3 (it could be MIA3) the headstamp on this round is 85 13 it has a flat brass primer with 3 small stab crimps , gm,fmj bullet ,can any one confirm if this info is correct ? thanks randy

Yes, it is a South African .303 from 1985. I think the correct nomenclature would be R1M3.

The box probably looked like this, or perhaps with the printed model number. This box was a M2 but has been overstamped M3, to use up surplus boxes. Z = Nitrocellulose propellant.

Thanks Jon & Will, can you guys confirm that it was a Match round and was it for Bisley?? thanks randy

Randy, I am not sure that they were Bisley loads, more probably not. South Africa made shooting ammo, they very rarely made high quality match ammo and then it would have been in 7.62x51 not 303.

Howdy will, thanks for the info , regards Randy