303 Sporting

Thought you guys might get a smile with this. Published in 1948 and reprinted in 1952. Practical Dope on the Big Bores

Looks like a 8x50R multi-ball load to me.

Yes, neither 303 nor altered. This oversight lasted for 2 printings of the book. Good round regardles…

8x50R AH Guard or Riot Cartridge. Same design as the corresponding Italian Cartuccia a Mitraglia ( “grapeshot” Ctg). composed of a thin , slitted jacket, with a stack of hemi-cylindrical lead pieces, topped by a very short “soft Point” jacketed Bullet. Used a light load of fast burning Powder ( Ballistite in the Italian ctg).

The idea was that the rifling ripped the jacket apart, and the resuiting fragments of lead core, jacket and point created a “shotgun” effect at close range (ie, for Barracks Guard work, and for Public Order control in Riots.) In Italy, the cartridge had its first major try-out in the 1898 Workers Riots in the General Strike in Milan. ( Ball ammo was also used, resulting in several Workers’ deaths.)

Nice one… I wonder who had an Austrian M95 back in 1942, and Ammo to go with it??? In Maine??? very few US soldiers/sailors were assigned to the Italian-Austrian Front, even in 1918, so it may have been a “bringback” but who knows…???

Doc AV

The likeliest way this cartridge could have found its way to the U.S. no later than 1942 would have been as a war souvenir picked up in France by an American soldier in 1918. There were A-H units serving on the Western Front in the last year of the war, some of them almost certainly in direct combat with American troops. Jack