.303 to identify

Hi all,
Some new help needed on my last acquisition:

#1 is a common tracer G Mark V but I never saw one with a red primer,
#2 also never saw that H/S. Is it a commercial one?
#3 why is that canadian tracer with a copper washed case?
#4 uk trials???
#5 rifle grenade???

So many questions!

#5 : Line Throwing Blank ( RN use, in Modified No4 Rifle…looks like a sporter, with Fork underneath to hold Light Line Coil…also sold commercially, for use by RLSI ( coastal life-saving boats)

Others, No info.

Doc AV

Rafale & DocAV… I was given this and the guys who had it before me drew a blank on what it was (no pun intended). Are the measurements about the same?..paul.

#4: .410 Indian Musket?

Philippe is No. 4 Aluminium, It looks like an unfinished alloy .303 case. It is a very nice example in perfect condition.


Philippe, regarding no. 5, blank and shot cartridges having a case length between 39 and 40 mm has been discussed before and Tony mentioned that these are quite common in the UK but he didn’t know for what purpose they were made. I can also add that this variation made using a broken down proof cartridge was reported in the 1970’s, so it is not something recent. Regards, Fede.

#4 is in aluminium and I also think of an unfinished alloy .303 case.