.303 Wildcats to identify

2 other rounds that are still a mystery to me…

Both are made from .303 casings, and have a .22 bullet. The shortest one has a caselength of 33.8 mm, and the second one, 49.2 mm. I saw at least 5 different .303 wildcats variants in the internet, but none matches those specs…

The closest I can find is .22 Krag short and .22 Wasp…Pete.

Wow; you’re right for the .22 Krag. First time I hear about this one!

But as for the shortest round, I looked at the Wasp’s specs and there is too many differences…

For me,the short one is the Krag round,from the book of cartridge conversions,but I could be wrong.

The shoulder on the on the right reminds me of PVFM (or something like that) cartridges. Also, it seems to me that there’s an old one with a similar shoulder that I’ve seen in an old reference book. If I find it I’ll send you the information.

They both could be Epps cartridges. Epps owned a gun store in Canada and he came up with a whole family of cartridges based on the .303, from .22 up to .28 caliber and at least up to .35 caliber.

I just did a search of “Epps cartridges” and one of the options that I chose was “Images of Epps cartridges” (do not include the " mark). There were two photos that look like the one in your photos, on the left side.

I found that several of Epps’ cartridges now have other names like .40-65.

I also went to Elwood Epps’ website. I didn’t find anything with Epps’ cartridges, but several years ago I thought of making runs of Contender barrels in various calibers, so I called them. I’m sure that if you gave them a call they’d be happy to talk to you. My biggest problem is that I ended up spending an hour on their website! Oh, the guns they have!!!

There was also a .303 Epps that was about the same as Ackley’s cartridge.

Good luck!

The RCBS site lists one or more sets of dies for Epps’ cartridges.

I found a site with specs for the .22 Short Krag, and it fits perfectly the longest round.

As for Epps reference, you’re not the only one who mentionned that to me; but we were notable to go any further in our searches. If you find something,please let me know. Thank you everybody!!

I just looked up Cornell Publications’ website. They copy old catalogs, manuals, etc. from original copies and they sell the copies. There is a booklet there on Epps’ rifles, etc. I’m going to buy one.

OOPS,your right,I looked at too many drawings and wrote down the wrong one,it`s …22 Krag short.

Another source of info on Epps rifles and cartridges are the many writings of C.S. Landis. “Woodchucks and Woodchuck Rifles”, circa 1952, probably has the most info.