.303 yellow tip?

I’m looking through some old cartridges and found four .303 rounds. All have the same headstamp; SR 43 BVIIZ. Three are blue-tipped (incindiary) but one looks to have a worn off yellow tip. Any ideas or am I going down a rabbit hold with this one…

No mention of yellow tip at the following:



I have one with the same identical head stamp only with blue bullet tip and blue annulus.

Yellow is usually reserved / used with Standards rounds. Often used with annulus color but might prehaps have been used here just on the mouth & let the headstamp & annulus note the INC loading?

Any chance it’s a reload using a Russian heavy ball bullet?

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Tip and annulus colour should be blue. I don’t think that any colour was added to Commonwealth .303 to indicate a ballistic standard round. Instead, a “S” was added to the HS. Proof rounds were given a yellow annulus seal but a “Q” was also added to the HS, and the case was copper washed. I don’t know of any WWII era British 303 projectile that would have had a yellow tip.

I was once told that a lot of surplus incendiary rounds were reloaded with hunting projectiles and sold in the US. I have several such cases with original primers in them. It is highly likely (as Jonny suggested) that this has been reloaded with the wrong projectile.

All, thanks for responding. The others I have are blue tipped, blue annulus correct. This one also has a dark blue annulus and the correct headstamp, but it’s hard for me to see any blue, only what seems to be yellow.

Thanks Sam I did check that sight but it is my experience that oddballs show up from time to time and I know there’s the combined knowledge here that catches things that are hard to be caught.

I’ll just assume it’s an incindiary since everything looks correct otherwise…

Can you show a close-up of the case mouth?

Looks like a small crack tooimage

Almost sure the bullet is not original. Seems to have had the original pulled sideways to remove it, which accounts for the crack and crease in the case neck.
As said above, a Standard would have a yellow annulus, even if it doesn’t have am S in the headstamp but never a yellow tip…

Roger that thank you gentlemen…

The only yellow tipped .303 I have is a Belgian FN 40 Headstamp.
Not sure if it is incendiary-tracer? Certainly no yellow tip on a British Incendiary to my knowledge.
Your last post shows remains of the blue tip so answers your own question.

I don’t see any blue on this one, you must have seen the other post about the 7,9 BESA round…

My mistake so sorry.

No problem. I guarantee I make many more mistakes than anyone else here lol!! Ok, I need to post a good one about 6.35mm experimental…

This isn’t really relevant to the original post however I thought I would show it just to prove the point that there are exceptions to the rule. This yellow-tipped cartridge is a .303" Modified Incendiary loaded by Kynoch in November 1956 specifically for the UK’s School of Infantry at Warminster. Rather than using an incendiary bullet Kynoch utilised a Mk 7 ball, removed the aluminium core, and replaced it with incendiary compound. The cartridge was used as a ‘spotter’ rather than an incendiary. There is a similar unheadstamped version with a pale blue tip.


Hi Jim - thanks for sharing. Do you have any documentation regarding this round?

No documentation at all I’m afraid. It’s my understanding that they were trialed as a spotting round in a Bren gun mounted co-axially on a 120mm BAT anti-tank gun.

It looks like the same shade of yellow that seems to be left over on mine… anyway I’ll get an X-ray soon just to check

If you speak of any British projectile with a yellow Tip that you have seen,does that include the
Canadian??? I have a round in front of me and I am sure it is no reload with the stamp 1945 DI-Z
yellow tip now we know DI stands for Dominion Industries.If you know let me know what it is