305mm - brazil

Museo histórico do exercito e forte de Copacabana

I am on vacations in Río de Janeiro and came accros with interesting 305mm cartridge. As it can be seen in the pictures below it looks like a German WWI machinary but in South America.

subefotos.com/ver/?6241ffcfdbaf2 … 67344o.jpg

subefotos.com/ver/?5d13e9e0763d4 … da7a4o.jpg

subefotos.com/ver/?c61586dcaa8dc … 8c86do.jpg

subefotos.com/ver/?1f2d1551dbbf2 … 7b56do.jpg

subefotos.com/ver/?b77f300cce2c3 … 7372bo.jpg

I hope that all can enjoy these pictures. I did not expect to find this kind of staff in a brazilian military museum.


The History of the Copacabana Fort-
Inaugurated in 1914, at the promontory of the little church Our Lady of Copacabana, with the aim of strengthening the defense of Guanabara Bay. Occupying a total area of 114, 169 m², Fort Copacabana was at that time considered the most modern Fortification in South America….cannons of 305 mm, 190 mm and 75 mm, from the German Krupp factoryfortedecopacabana.com/histor … -fort.html