.307" diameter tracer bullet


0.307" diameter tracer bullet. I pulled it from a 7.62x39mm casing it obviously did not belong in. Now wondering if it is military or something someone made up.
136 grains magnetic.



Here is a comparison with M62 and M25 heads. The M62 has no paint as it was tumbled to clean off the asphalt sealant for reloading purposes…



Joe, looks like an early Strom-Trickle bullet. These were loaded in various .30 caliber cartridges. Hornady made the jackets. They had the mixture installed wet with no compaction, so the diameter remained undersized. I got several boxes (2500 or so pieces/box) but the jackets were to soft to allow their use for fabrication into “real” tracer projectiles. JH


Joe, the magnetic jacket (missed that) makes me think this one of the early ball bullets used by the same outfit but before Hornady started supplying the jackets (GM). JH


Thanks Jim! Probably only you would have known this.