.308 CBC Incendiary


Not a great mystery, just curious. I just picked these up and was wondering since I did not have one in my small Brazilian sections of colors tips…they must not have been around “SLICS” the last 20 years or so…(since I chase color tips)…thus the question(s).

Are they unusual? Why have they turned up now?..after all they are 25+ years old.

Assumed legit?, etc. Just curious (and glad to have them) (a few extras will be at SLICS ’11)


Natodave is temporarily incommunicado…Save a box for him!


Nice find Pepper

If posibble one box for me, and can you please put the bullet’s out for me… air!!!

best regards


Hello Pepper,

Here’s an extract from CBC military/police catalog circa 1986.

No real specimens were used for this picture, just photographic dummies made from inert ball cartridges (note that cannelure is missing in tracer, AP and incendiary).