.308 charger "Lufkin"

I saw an ad offering 60 very rare Lufkin chargers. But seriously, how common are they?

OMG… Rare, Experimental, Secret Test… all the buzz words to suck you in with.

I have now idea of the “rarity” of the Lufkin stripper clips but e-bay has them at 10 for $25 and another auction site had them listed at 10 for $15.

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When I had my M1A rifles, I had a lot of ammo in clips. About 20 or 25% of them were Lufkin. Scarcer than some other markings, but I couldn’t call them rare or even terribly scarce. It is a nice marking though, since in trademark form.


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Definitely not “rare” … not the easiest maker to find but all these clips are getting on for 50 years old so supplies are drying up a bit … but they were made in large quantities.


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The US Army procured clips from this company in 1963.

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Does anyone know if they were made at the Lufkin plant in Saginaw, Michigan or somewhere else?

Hi Zac, yes, they were made by Lufkin Rule Company, Saginaw, Michigan.



Cool. Now I just need to find one. For sentimental reasons. When I was in 7th & 8th grade the school I attended was only one block from that building. I used to walk by it very day. Now I am a toolmaker and most of my tools are old Lufkins. They are top quality and I just like them.