.308 diameter solid RN projectile? (Solved quickly by Fede!)

I have a .308 diameter solid projectile that needs identifying. 178 grains, any and all comments welcome. Joe

What do you judge its made of? Jack

Joe, this looks exactly like an A-Square Monolithic Solid 180 gr bullet made of bronze alloy, but I’m not aware that this design was offered with what its looks like molybdenum disulfide coating. I think it could be an original A-Square bullet coated by someone else, however.

Edit: I just realize that I was confused by the first series of pictures regarding the coating; there is no doubt that this is a standard A-Square bullet.


like Fede says, I think it is bronze alloy.

Yes the first pictures were deceptive due to lighting conditions, sorry.
You now I have heard about A-Square, but never have dabbled in seeing what they produce. My head it stuck so far into Military, I see no other light.



There were/are many solid military bullets as well.



There were/are many solid military bullets as well.


Absolutely correct Ray. But I was unable to identify this as you were when I sent you the picture last month along with the REM-UMC 170 Gr Flat Point that you identified. It was a bad picture I sent however. I have never looked into the now defunked A-Square company, and I am not much on identifying civi bullet designs as you know from my personal emails to you. Definitely not my strong point. Thanks again for the help.


Edit: I just looked at the pictures I sent Ray last month, and they were so poor I am surprised he identified the REM-UMC 170gr. Flat Point. Sorry Ray. Ray produces such nice pictures, I do not know how he does it. I have such problems with lighting and shadows.