.308 OFV headstamp


Another range pickup. This .308 has a headstamp of OFV which is not in IAA headstamp list. What is OFV?


It’s Indian; “Ordnance Factory Varangoan”, IIRC.


SDC’s ID is correct. This was issued to the British Territorial Army in the 1970s and '80s. It was known as “Curry Powder Ammo” because its powder gave a distinct smell when fired. Be weary of this ammo if you come across it live, as there has been a few reports of it blowing up rifles.


It was also issued to The Regular Army.

Another take on the “Curry Powder” was that it may as well have been loaded with curry powder as it was inconsistent, one round may only just have enough power to eject the spent case whereas the next round would eject the spent case many feet.