.308 Remington XPL?

Good evening Gentlemen,
My first post so lets hope things work out correctly. I have this cartridge in my collection that I need to identify. Someone at some stage scratched “308 REMINGTON XPL” on the case - not visible on the scan. I cannot find any reference to such a cartridge. I came from the collection of the late Peter Skala, so it has to mean something? Bullet diameter is 7.62mm with case length 56.03mm.
Thanks very much in Advance

i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh5 … remxpl.jpg
i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh5 … plfull.jpg

Lets try again with the pictures

Some folks use ‘xpl’ to denote ‘experimental’…I’ve also seen it used less frequently as shorthand to denote ‘exploding’. Other than that, I have no info on the origin of the cartridge.

It doesn’t appear to fit in with the standard 7.62x51 development chronology.

I’d guess that it was an earlier cartridge, perhaps a shortened .30-06, but the late .30 Light Rifle style base (.300 Sav with widened extractor groove) speaks otherwise.