.308 Rimless , Grooveless , Electrically-Primed Match Ctge

Gents , along time ago I acquired a specimen of a match cartridge as listed in the title line of this posting. I recall it was reputedly made by Jim Bell of Brass Extrusion Laboratories Limited for some sort of match rifle.

Does anyone have any more information on this cartridge ? Its been sitting in my collection for the better part of 25 years , I think I got it at a Chicago Show in the late '80s when I was able to afford trips to the USA…

Thanks in advance

Murray Sulzberger in New Zealand


That cartridge was discussed right here on the Forum a couple of times. The last only a short time ago.


Ray - thank you very much. That is the exact cartridge.

I confess I havent visited here for a long time , and I should have used the search function.

Much appreciated , thanks again.