.308 SAKO Experimental Plastic-Case -about 25years old-

just for Info, if not pictured before (at least I cannot find it with the search function) :-)

Headstamp is SAKO .308, bottom piece made from a real brass case, cut down and inside trimmed, to accept the plastic insert

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Very nice. Are these hard to find in Finland/Europe?

Interesting, the SAKO cartridge bears a close resemblance to the Remington 7.62x51mm composite case.

NATODave, Apr '15, quote and photo: Another 7.62 x 51 Mystery
"Here are two of the Remington composite 7.62x51mm cartridges…"
"…cartridges date from 1974 or earlier."


Would it be possible to get a photo of the cartridge head/primer?

I ask because Remington had to use a ring insert to hold the primer to prevent the cartridge head from splitting when the cartridge was fired.


I have one broken apart and I will make a photo and post it later on…
But the base here is a normal piece of a cut down original 308-case and inside turned out, to accept the plastic casings.
As the front part ruptured from the case on firing and leaving the barrel with the 223 bullet inserted, I think, that they had no props with the bottompiece. Construction is totally different from the shown Remington ones…
The fixing of the plastic with base pieces was a patent by Plamil , Bakelittfabrikken and Sako. The various types are shown in the book from Salo on page 87, This means the base piece used here is the Plamil-Type…

Here the photos from a basepiece and the plasticbody before mounting. The powder is filled either directly to the case, and than the basepiece is mounted. I think already primed. It must be seated by force, so that the lips of the cartridge-Body will snug in to the groove inside the basepiece…Shown are 2 bases, one for this clear case and the ones below are for the AK47.

In the next photo I show some bases for the 7,62x39 cartridges of different design and fixing methods, made from various material… from left to right: Plasticbase with an other Fixing method, next to the right again an other fixing method from brass , than Zamak, than Alumin, than Steel, than Zamak golden anodized

Enjoy, Peter


GREAT PHOTOS, thanks for posting them!

Do you know if the 7.62x39 cartridge also used a .223 bullet in a sabot similar to the .308 cartridge in your first photograph?

Also were these 2 cartridges strictly SAKO experimental cartridges or did SAKO actually try to sell/market these cartridges?

Thank you again,


I think, that where actually only Experiments, as in the factory where so many variants tried, to find the right plastic-mixture, the sabot-solution (fixed or separated), base fixations (Plamil/Bakelittfabrikken/ Ringdal and Sako´s own variant).In the 7,62x39 where several different types tested.I will post after the Kassel Gun fair. Now I am busy with that…
Cheers Peter