.308 solid brass bullet FA 52...help

I looked in HWS III but apparently not looking in the right spot…or it isn’t worthy of a scholarly book

Look on page 192. Before adopting the M80 lead core bullet, a massive gilding design called XM178 for overhead fire application was experimented with.

Wow; I would I never stumble on that ?

sounds right, bullet cannelure, PA color … but what of the FA 52 H/S case ?

We would perhaps need the late Ray Meketa to answer this.

or NATO Dave in PA. USA

I believe the XM178 overhead fire ball rounds only appear with a (+) FA 62 headstamp.

I have the same round as you (http://www.cartrology.com/cartridges/1291) which I picked up from NATO Dave several years ago at SLICS. It has “.30 L.R. EXP. SOLID BRASS B’T” written in black ink on the side of the case, but I have no other details unfortunately.

No 52 to compare, but here is the 62.
XM178 hs

Here is a previous discussion about this cartridge: My Last Finds-Early 7.62 NATO and related items

Look on page 165, lot FA X30-1792


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Here is slso info on that:


For folks that don’t have access to HWS III, here’s the box label for the round



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can I print that page (or two)?

awesome info

With pleasure. The price will be a a glass of the best next time we meet! May that be soon, I miss my friends. The SLICS meetings are where memories are made and friendships cherished.