.308 Solid Copper Cutaway

.308 (7.62x51) Turned solid copper projectile, headstamp FA/ 62. Found in junk box at SLICS, real or reload? Thanks wolfgang

Probably a Barnes solid bullet (brass), of the sort in .223 / .308 that they have recently stopped producing.

TCCI in AZ made these for awhile back when it was legal. They still make the .50 Cal. I think, but not the 7.62 which was a copy of the M59 length wise except in bronze. JH

There was also a US experimental, in both ball and tracer, with solid, turned brass bullets. I’m sure some Nato guy will get on eventually to comment.

XM178, turned GM bullet, Overhead Fire Application (OFA)

Not too common but not rare either. Watch for the tracer version!

Most of these are overlooked because guys don’t know what they are. Some guys even cut them in half. They even end up in junk boxes at SLICS. That means more for me. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. :)


Thanks everyone for helping. Felt this wasn’t a reload because it still had the red primer selant and neck crimp. Maybe shouldn’t mention that it seemed as if they were in every junk box, picked out about 10 of them. You should ALL make it to the SLICS show, its overwhelming!

I’m still going through my acquisitions from SLICS, and I just found one, but not the tracer variety. It was in the $1.00 bin sale box. Exact same headstamp too. When I picked it up it looked odd, so I scarfed it up.