.308 "special forces" ammo - A good laugh


If you want a good laugh check out this auction: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=122621829 The seller claims that it is elite special forces .308 AP ammo with a special “silver jacket” and green/black tip - (looks spray painted). “Rarely seen”, not since 2002… haha Wow, as far as I can tell he’s been rooked, or is trying to rook somebody into buying some typical CNCS E. German surplus .308 ammo which may or may not even be standard steel core. This isn’t for real is it?


I just love the use of all of the great adjectives people use on the auction websites… RARE… EXPERIMENTAL… EXOTIC… SUPER SECRET… and the list goes on and on.

Even more fun is when you ask a seller what is he or she talking about…

As always… “BUYER BEWARE”


I asked a few relevant questions…let’s see what we hear.


I don’t know a whole lot about 7.62’s, but it sounds like a truck load of BS to me… could wrong though =D


Here’s the answer I got:

“hi there. no documentation- i’m not a hoarder and I certainly don’t have a whole lot of it. These are match grade german Dynamite Nobel - they came from a special forces buddy of mine who sold me a small amount of this and also some black tip/tungsten. These greenies however are the only ones I have left, I shot the rest a while back. these shoot faster than any other .308 I have (in fact they shoot as fast as some 142 grain, which has much less desireable ballistics charateristics than the heavier 150+ grain bullets) they defeated some serious steel plates from various yardages.
I also have a lot listed of 100 rounds of black tip - they came from the same person. The head stamp is dynamite nobel as listed- they’re 1993 production and indicate a penetrator tip (so did the cans they came in) - for both. He explained that the greens are a “special task” round which the snipers used. THe black tip went to the foot soldiers patroling with FALs. As I said, they shoot perfectly through all my semi .308s. That’s all I know about it, and the 20 rounds of this are all I have. Thanks for your interest.”

Guess we need a NATO expert here. DAVE!!!


Notice how these shameless fakers always get the ammo from “someone else” or have no documentation? When you call them on it they either refuse to answer or get real offended… I love the verbage in the description. Right out of the “Cheaper than Dirt” and “Sportsman’s Guide” catalogs!

I emailed him about posting a pic of a round cut open to show the AP core. Curious to see his reply!



[quote=“AKMS”]Notice how these shameless fakers always get the ammo from “someone else” or have no documentation? When you call them on it they either refuse to answer or get real offended… I love the verbage in the description. Right out of the “Cheaper than Dirt” and “Sportsman’s Guide” catalogs!

I emailed him about posting a pic of a round cut open to show the AP core. Curious to see his reply!

If he responds at all, I’ll bet he sends you that stock internet photo of the sectioned M993 that’s all over the place.
I’m kind of surprised he didn’t say they were depleted uranium bullets or pure adamantium or some such other crap.

Then again, he said a magnet sticks to them, so they have to be armor piercing. …hahaha… Right?


I particularly like the “special forces buddy” line. Must really be something special and valuable if he shot up most of what he had? GMAB!


The stripper clip is more interesting than the ammo. Are 10-shot strippers for 7.62 NATO rounds common? Don’t know that I have seen one, although maybe I have and have simply forgotten.


You are laughing but in Italy some police officers still believe that if a bullet is magnetic it MUST be an armor piercing bullet ( and in Italy AP bullets are illegal!)


Pivi, I’m not in Italy and I’m not laughing…MANY police officers here in the USA buy into the same type of guncounter-commando garbage. I delight in correcting them daily. Im my police academy, an otherwise very talented instructor, who has won/survived gunfights, told the class that the main way that bullets “mess you up inside” is some sort of sonic wave generated when the bullet “breaks the sound barrier inside you”. This has been disproven roundly by Fackler and others…never mind the fact that he was discussing 230gr .45ACP, which is almost always subsonic.

I am interested in what the green and silver colorings actually mean…time to go the IAA website again.

Something my tiny brain is wondering…are NATO sniper rifles typically loaded with 10-rd stripper clips? A large portion of our inventory here stateside is bolt action, usually 5-shot. I’ve seen some .308 semis, both here and abroad, but the match ammo normally fed to them was packaged in standard boxes (no clips).

GunBroker is like many other auction sites…you have to sift through the unmitigated BS and hoopla to find anything worthwhile.


In case anybody wants some of the rare 10 rd., .308 stripper clips. CHEAP!
keepshooting.com/firearmacce … -clips.htm


I just want one of them (or two…one for Paul to section)…(as I have an entire drawer of remanufactured rounds)…and very close to it…“fakes”…I love color…even those made up made up a “a guy” who “knows somebody”…who says “these are the only ones”

oh well…hope our German readers chime in and tell us what they know

IAA President


Rick - I didn’t say they were rare. I just didn’t recall seeing any. I still don’t.
Now, could someone really answer my question - are ten shot clips a normal thing, or are they a big minority to five shot ones? Chargers, while interesting to me, are not my field - I am not expert in them or I wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place.



I was following the gist of the thread. Nothing to slight you. Lighten up.



I can’t add anything to the discussion except that I’m with Pepper in wanting to add one (or two - for the same reason) to my collection). I’d like to know the exact headstamp. West Germany did produce CNCS jacketed bullets back in the early to mid 90’s. They’re interesting as the lead core is not exposed.

Dave S


Dave, these “new” projectiles are fully encasing the lead core for environmetal reasons. Since there was no lead exposed in the base which was contributing to the decopperation of the barrels the projectiles had to be tin coated in order to prevent copper residue from clogging the barrel.


Is any part of that color code legitimate?


The 10 round 7,62 stripper clips are strictly ‘after-market’. As you increase the number of cartridges in a clip it gets harder to cleanly strip the cartridges out of it.

The Russians have 15 round clips for the 5,45x39 but they get round the problem by having them held very loosely in the clip. The NATO standard clip for 5,56x45 holds 10 rounds and stripping that using just thumb power can get a bit tiresome.

Happy collecting, Peter


[quote=“Jon C.”]Alex,
Is any part of that color code legitimate?[/quote]

Jon, no, not for the ammunition produced for the German Army. The regular ball DM111 has no color markings and no other projectile in service is using a tinned finish as we see here. The German DM151 AP has an all black projectile.
I wonder about the given head stamp, I have never heard of such one but it is also not my field of interest so it does not mean much.