308 Triplex


In the 308 cartridge there are numerous duplex loads made but what about triplex loads? The only one I’ve seen for sale is one that is headstamped R-P 30-06 SPRG was that the only type made?


Here’s a cropped photo with a ? Colt .308 triplex loading off to the right


I suppose there’s also the 7.62mm RICA SSB (Robinson Improved Conventional Ammunition - Salvo Squeeze Bore).
I know they’re squeezed down to considerably less than .308" as they pass down the barrel but all three projectiles are .308" calibre before firing.


Here’s a scan of the box label of the .30-06 based round. I’m not aware of any other triplex loads based on a 7.62x51 case - neck length and case volume being limiting factors. There is the early SALVO duplex round which has the body of the 7.62x51, but a long neck (case length is 64mm). This round is in Pepper’s picture with a red wax coating on the projectile and with a sectioned round in a tube to it’s left.



Here’s another triplex load based on the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO case:

7,62-5,56 mm Mauser-IWK “Triplex-Geschoß” from 1967. It was tested in a G3 Rifle with a tapered bore adaptor.


I hope this works it is the 1st time I have tried to post a photo, this was a 30-06 I pulled for a friend of mine.



Fede, great cartridge and info. Do you happen to have a photo of this cartridge?


Sorry, that’s all I have. Pictures were taken from an article published in DWJ 6/99 by Jakob Brandt. A different version of the drawing (remake?) was published in “Die Militärpatroene Kaliber 7,62 x 51 mm NATO” page III. 57. 10. 4 (third bullet diameter shown as 5,0 mm but original drawing says 5,6 mm). No information about the headstamp.


Thank You all for the help