.308 Win. New Mesko box in Germany

Perhaps of interest.


And the same exists in .223.

Does Mesko sell pistol cartridges in Germany? Have been looking for newest production Mesko 9 x 18 mm box & cartridge. They also make a commercial blank in 9 x 18 mm. Has anyone seen those? They have a good catalog, but they don’t seem to sell much in what I would think are the biggest markets for commercial ammunition. Pricing problems?

Dutch, as obvious as it seems, these are intended for the German market and imported by Deurus and Waffen-Bock, and maybe others.

Germania Kassuhn is the store for consumers, Deurus the importer and wholesaler.

Mesko .308 had been advertised a long time (at least 6 months) before it actually became available around mid 2013. My impression is the lot number refers to 2012. The ammo shoots quite well, by the way. I prefer it to S&B.

I am not aware of any 9 mm Mesko advertised in Germany.

I just found this thread now,
The sole Importer is and was DEURUS Schönebeck, all others (inkl. Waffen-Bock) got deliveries from Ralf Kassuhn, the owner of DEURUS…
Waffen-Bock and others have not imported by themself


The Problem why it was delayed in sale, after the Initial Advertising, was the fact, that Mesko produced the first lot without the maker Name MESKO on it…Instead thay used their Military sign 21 and the caliber in the hs…
This was not compatible with CIP rulings…and we had to find a way to circumvence the loss of all the ammo producd…
So we managed to get the number 21 assigned as a makers Name by the german MARKENAMT Munich…and that tooks months…until that was reached, the proofhouse would accept the ammo as CIP-Conform and approved the first LOT-Nr 01 with the 21 in the lot number.
As the allowed lotsize by the proofhouse was not filled up by the first delivery 21 stamped ammo, we could use the rest assigment up to the lotsize agreed by the proofhouse with the real MESKO-headstamped ones…
Funny, but Mesko was lucky not to have to scrap all the fírst badge with the 21 in hs, and we where happy to have ammo to sell.
To wait for a new Batch with the correct MESKO hs on, would maybe ended up in a delay from an other year …
We never ordered pistol ammo from Mesko, as their Prices on that where and still are, not competitive on the civilian market…

Peter, thanks for the detailed information, very interesting.



Peter, I don’t know about the .308, but it seems that the .223 was indeed imported directly by both Deurus and Waffen-Bock, because the metal boxes for each of these companies came consigned with different labels.