308 winchester and 223 remington "silent sniper" a

Very heavy and lathe turned cases made by “hunter & sniper” italian gunshop.
They have to be loaded with special plastic bullets called “Gunny” of 11 grains.
No hds but they are marked " H&S 308 WSS" and “H&S 223 RSS” on the side of the base

Their purpose is short range indoor shooting


Are these primer actuated only or is there a powder charge used?

As they are lathe turned, is the interior a straight bore at bullet dia.?

Any ideas on why the special heavy cases?


Yes,the interior is straight at bullet diameter

Here are the loading data

223 rem "gunny bullet"5,6 grains, Winchester powder V=663,4 m/s
Primer= CCI 400 SR OAL=55,0 mm

308 win “gunny bullet” 11 grains Winchester powder V=500 m/s
Primer= cci 200 LR OAL=61,5 mm

Loads were developed by italian reloader Gianluca Bordin

I erased the powder weight as I think reloading data is a prohibited topic

Sorry,they are called “silent sniper” not “super sniper”