308 winchester by DWM

I have a 308 winchester dummy ( without primer ) made by DWM and loaded with a pointed FMJ bullet.
Headstamp is : DWM H 308 WIN V
Are the letters H and V a date code or do they mean “High Velocity”?

See :


“HV” stands for s’-Hertogenbosch 1969!
This .308W round or case is made by Nederlandse Wapen en Munitiefabrieken (NWM) “De Kruithoorn”, s’-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands.

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What is the relationship between DWM and NWM?

The dummy cartridge is the third from left

The history of the Dutch company NEDERLANDSE WAPEN- EN MUNITIEFABRIEK DE KRUITHOORN B.V. (NWM) at s’HERTOGENBOSCH appears to have been confused by a number of authors.

According to Ian V. Hogg (‘The Cartridge Guide’); NWM was the successor to the ARTILLERIE INRICHTINGEN (AI) company. He also states that NWM became EUROMETAAL NV and that they ceased the production of calibres below 0.5in in 1978. According to Erlmeier & Brandt (“Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges : Vol 1”); in 1961 the shares of NWM were acquired by IWK (DWM).

However, according to Dutch sources, neither of these pieces of ‘information’ appears quite correct. What appears to be more correct is the following:

NWM was founded at s’Hertogenbosch in 1948 as a family company producing shotshells. From 1953 NWM produced both military contracts and also sporting ammunition for the SPEER Corporation in Idaho.

A fire in 1958 caused the company to relocate. Orders were increasing and production of the 7.62x39 (7.62x38) begun in 1959.

In 1961 the company needed more capital to finance a required expansion program. NWM was reorganised as a stock company and the German company DWM (IWK) became the main stockholder in 1961. DWM and NWM had a close working relationship and NWM made cases for both Speer and DWM on contract in the 1960’s.

The NWM s

Oh,thank you.This is a very interesting story.
Did DWM come back in businness?
I have seen on the Bignami catalog ( bignami is the biggest gunshop in Italy) that they have several DWM cartridges in stock with this advice:
"the DWM cartridges come back "
Unfortunately there aren’t pictures of the boxes

The brand and logo of “DWM” has been sold to a gunsmith Harald Wolf from Belgium who is marketing a small line of ammunition (about three years ago, but I am not sure). They have had a booth on IWA 2008 and 2007. Ammunition is made by Wolfgang Romey.

extract from DWJ magazine