308 Winchester,police load?

although the 308 Winchester isn´t my “bread and butter” I searched the forum and obtained ,no results found.
Specimen is headstamped IMI 308 WIN, AT 12 8 AND 4 o´clock and it has a RED tip bullet and a fine knurled cannelure on the bt also red colored at the case mouth…
Question is this a police contract ? Doubt military as is a comercial headstamp.


Sounds like an IMI tracer (?), esp with the red sealant at case mouth.

Is the red tip paint/color, or is a polymer tip like a NoslerBallistic Tip, Hornady TAP, etc.

Have yet to see any red-tip IMI marketed to police, but our bids/contracts and most others I’ve seen) are spec’d pretty narrowly.

normally israeli tracer had red transparent varnish at the tip
never see opaque red
so you can’t confuse with the red “ballistic tip” loads

Not intended as a FS/T plug. Pic similar to what you describe?

Hi MWinter,
Yes it is identical as my specimen and still believe it is not an
original loading by IMI but probably done by one of the many
remanufacturing companies in the US.
my specimen came from Steve Fuller,who also had a company who sold
sapplies to police depts in the US.

Thank you and best regards

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