.30and .33 G&A wildcats

Looking for info about these two numbers, described somewhere as forerunners of the .3o0 and .338 RUM.
I have always thought that the real inspirators of the RUM’s where the uncommon Imperial mag’s so all these cartridges should be quite similar

Pivi, here is a picture of the G&A series: .25 and .26 experimentals based on the .300 Dakota, and .30, .33 and .460, all three based on the .404 Jeffery.

Thanks Fede,
the 460 G&A in the picture appears to be a simply necked up version of the 404 Jeffery. Are there two versions of this cartridge? The one I have seen had a longer body and sharper shoulder.

Pivi, you are right, I’m not sure if this is a prototype version or what but it was also named .460 G&A. Note that the case body of this one is the same as the .404 Jeffery but the shoulder is much more stepped. These are the cartridge dimensions as published in 1975:

Recent cartridges made by Stewart have a shorter case lenght (shorter neck).

Does this help ?

.33 Guns & Ammo
.33 G&A

Year 1992
Country USA
Weapon Rifle, carbine
Projectile Flat nose (ø 3), FMJ (tombac), hollow point, non magn.
Notes Developed by Ross Seyfried from .404 Jeffery case

Specimen : Measured specimen

Projectile Uncrimped / no bullet

Bullet Ø BØ 8.59 Case length CL 72.14
Mouth Ø MØ 9.40 Neck length NL 9.24
Neck Ø NØ 9.42 Should. length SL 59.93
Should. Ø SØ 13.59 Head length HL 3.60
Head Ø HØ 13.88 Groove width GW 1.00
Groove Ø GØ 11.00 Rim thickness RT 1.30
Rim Ø RØ 13.79

Thanks Armourer,
from your notes it is clear that the 33 G&A is very similar to the 338 Edge ( 33-300 Ultra mag), with a sharper shoulder and without rebated rim