30Cal. M14 Armor Piercing Incendiary


M14 30.06 Cal., armor piercing incendiary, silver/aluminum tip, copper jacket with steel core and a lead bottom, Headstamp - LC/69
Incendiary compound in small arms - 50% magnesium/ aluminum alloy, 50% barium nitrate. Produces flash when fired against steel target at 175 yards. Avg. penetration depth of .42 inches when fired against steel plate at 100 yds.
Some form of yellow corrosion in side of brass case at the top of the powder line.


Cool. Any problem cutting through it without igniting the incendiary compound?


No problems. Still have fingers and toes. Thanks for asking. (Just don’t tell my mother I’m doing this!)


Was this type (M-14) still in production as late as 1969?