.30M1 Carabine KTW please help!

Hello I am looking for a box of .30M1 carbine KTW ammo.
I just have one round and missing the box
30 KTW

Boxes for this caliber seem to be rare. I have never come across one in person in my 15 years of collecting KTW. The cartridges seem easy enough to locate.

I second what Matt says. Good luck finding a box.
Put a want ad in the IAA journal.

I thought I had seen “blister packs” also.

My box isn’t in mint shape (far right of the last three drawer cuts)

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Very nice Pepper! I would not expect any less of you, Ha-ha…

Here is my .30 carbine KTW box. Magnetic bullet.


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Flattery gets you no where…send ammo !!! :)

Great pict’s Guy’s thanks…

I’ll look as I just might have an empty extra.
Here’s a blister pack missing the blister & a box front & back (by its self)
Nice early box Pepper.

Hi Pete
Looks great do you take it with you to SLICS ?

thank you

If I can find one I certainly shall.

Bring Lots & lots & lots of money Harry & then bring some more money.

I am still looking for a box ??

I can’t find one. Sorry I thought I’d e-mailed you after I looked. Got side tracked I guess. Again very sorry.

Hi Pete

Yes I know that you did not found a box for me…

kind regards

Hi Harry,

You are still looking for this?

I had (and fired) some of those .30 Carbine KTW rounds back in the late 1960s, but they were loose rounds when I got them. What headstamp do they have? I clearly remember once seeing some KTWs in .35 Remington. Were any in that caliber ever sold commercially?

Quote: “The .35 and .350 Remington loads were popular in Ohio police arsenals at the time due to autoloading rifles being chambered for these calibers. Thus the production in these calibers.”

From: KTW 9 x 19 mm green Teflon


The headstamp of the .30 M1 carb KTW30 Carb KTW headstamp

Quote: “The .35 and .350 Remington loads were popular in Ohio police arsenals at the time due to autoloading rifles being chambered for these calibers. Thus the production in these calibers.”

While the .35 Remington certainly was a popular auto-loading rifle caliber for police agencies in the U.S., I was unaware of the .350 Remington Magnum being typically chambered in anything other than bolt action rifles and pistols. The old thread this is from does not indicate the source of this information that I could see and may well be incomplete. Does anyone have further information on a .350 Rem. Mag. used by police in an auto-loader?


I, personally, have never heard of a police agency using the .350
Remington Magnum. I firmly believe that the Remington Models
8 and 81 were popular, including with the FBI who used the Remington
rifle, because they were semi-auto. Overall, in that rifle, the .35 was
certainly the best cartridge it was chambered for. Another thing that
made they popular was the 15-shot magazine conversion offering by
the Peace Officer Equipment Corporation (might have details of that
name wrong). These guns were obtained by them from Remington, and
then converted, including the stamping on the left side of the rounded top
of the receiver, as I recall, "POLICE GUN - (name of organization). We
had, in our store, the only two of these converted .35 Remingtons made
for San Quentin Prison. One we sold and one we put on our wall. Don’t
know what happened to it after the owners of the store closed it down. We
also had an empty case for one that was formerly FBI property, with room
for the rifle and several spare magazines, constructed very similar to the
famous cases for the Thompson Submachine Gun, although of course,
different in size and internal details.

John Moss

Can’t help with if the police ever used the .350 Rem Mag. but KTW did load for it.
Top .350 in R - P case
next 7.62x51 hs- LC 65 MATCH
the next two down are both dummies with blackened primers & headstamped SUPER SPEED 35 REM

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