.30M2AP bullet ID

I got this strange bullet today,It just like a .30-06 M2 AP but without cannelure. When and where it be manufactured? Any idea is welcome!

Not having an answer (the experts may do) but this onne looks very unusual with the knurling in that position.
The jacket is cupro-nickel or nickel plated?


Western brand rifle ammunition is often found with a forward knurled cannelure like that on your projectile.


It’s gilding metal jacket.Just like normal M2AP

However this knurled cannelure’s position is so forward…… I mean normal bullets’ knurled cannelure is just a bit above the case mouth


Yes, it is for visual ID rather than crimping. If you go to the IAA Reference link and look at the Western 1925 Catalog you can see illustrations of examples. After looking there myself, I now remember that Western used that cannelure to distinguish their “Open Point Expanding” bullets and therefore, my guess doesn’t hold water…

I have seen other military projectiles with forward cannelures but can’t think of any in .30 Cal. from memory.


Dave, you may agree that the knurling is very much forward and already in the ogive. I do not remember this from any other type.

And gilding metal jacket APs are also very uncommon I think.

The high cannelure is found in Remington AP cartridges headstamped R·A 42.

Thank you Dave!But another question comes: why does this bullet have shallower mount position than ordinary?I’m sure this bullet once fitted in a case.Here is the case mouth crimp imprint



Thank you for that information. Great stuff as usual!


What would the assembled cartridge overall length be with the projectile seated to what appears to be the original crimp point?


I wonder if it was one of a small batch of nickeled (or chromed?) dummy cartridges for drill / parade use, and the projectile just happened to be an M2AP, maybe a factory second or something which would find its way to a drill rd type of load? Drill / parade rds sometimes have unusual cannelures or overall length dispositions.

Anybody with an image of such a factory loaded cartridge?


Perhaps there is something on this in one of the recent Journal articles by Rene on the .30 Cal. AP?

Don’t recall having seen it but I will be looking though my resources when I get home.


Maybe René can reply here?


While perhaps someone can provide an image of the cartridge Fede refers to, a drawing is shown in Mr. Punnett’s .30-06 book on page 287. There it indicates this round was produced for the British R.A.F., had the heavy ring crimp and a green tip and some are found with this forward cannelure.

On page 29 of Journal 517 in Rene’s Part 4 article on AP, an uncannelured version is shown as #4 in a group image.


Dave & Fede are correct.
There is a version of the AP-M2 from Remington with this cannelure and it is mentioned in Chris Punnett’s book.
I don’t have a specimen in my collection, so I couldn’t post anything.
The one shown in the picture seems to be heavily polished and should have had a green bullet tip (in case it was meant to be for the UK-RAF) or a black one for normal AP production.


You are right!This bullet had black tip before polished