30mm ADEN - DEFA Ammunition Family Chart, Circa Mid to Late 1970s

From SLICS 2021 comes an interesting chart concerining 30mm ADEN & 30mm DEFA ammunition divided by country with information on manufacturer, status, loading info, case material, fuze type etc.
Who is responsible for developing this chart is unknown at present.

The chart is a fairly large photo copy such that I had to scan it in 6 sections. Then I turned the scans over to EOD (Alex) who photoshoped the chart back to one large image and cleaned the image a bit so that we now have a most interesting chart to add to our collection of information here on the Forum.

Double click on the image to get to full size.


Many thanks - well done!

Very nice! Thank you.

Out of curiousity, did the Swedes load their own ammunition for their ADEN carrying planes? And as well Finns or Danes on their Swedish-made planes?


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I have never seen any 30x113B from in Scandinavia.

Swedish 30x113B Unknown 30-MM X 113B?

Tim, excellent!
I wonder if they ever made HE or AP variants.

Sweden produced the 30x111mm HE Mk.3Z and Mk.6Z as the 30 mm mgr m/55 (late and early production), as well as 30x111mm P Mk.2Z and P Mk.4Z as the 30 mm övnprj m/55 (late and early).

Sweden also imported the above types from Britain, along with a tungsten core APBC projectile designated 30 mm pprj m/55.

Swedish produced HE is bright yellow, while british production is buff or puke yellow. Swe practice is brown, brit practice is black (early) or blank (late).

Finland bought Swedish and Danish ammo, as well as producing their own, however what types is beyond me. Denmark seems to have upgraded to 30x113mm B NATO cartridges in the 80s following the american Harriers and Apache. Its just a simple barrel switch as both the 30x111 and 30x113 cartridges are 200 mm long.

When was the 30x113B STANAG certified? I seemingly missed that.

Blank? You mean blue?

Im not aware of a year but i would assume the early to mid 80s.

Blank = no paint

Where is that coming from?

I would like to see the STANAG paper for it as I think it is not standardized.

Seems i mixed up the colors, early british was black and swedish brown.

Later ones of either manufacture were blank.

Last ones of either manufacture were brown.

Here is a blank practice shell.

As for stanag, all i have read is 30x113B NATO in some brochure i cant find now. Ive seen danish ADEN shells with tracers, something ive never seen in 30x111mm, but have for 30x113mm. So its just a theory that they upgraded to 30x113mm B “NATO”.

Here we go: “VENOM is compatible with NATO standard ADEN/DEFA 30 x 113 mm ammunition as well as M788 and M789 variants”

Thing is that many sources are speaking of “NATO” calibers and do not know what it actually means.
Hence my doubt. Means it would be good to see it being listed in official NATO docs or even having the very STANAG on the caliber.

The blank TP you are showing is likely one which got stripped of it’s paint job.

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Well its shown blank (unpainted) in manuals so i doubt its stripped.

That is an interesting chart at the start of this thread and I am in the process of doing an article on Australian 30mm DEFA ammunition lots and dates for ACCA Journal .
I have over 70 different lots and variations plus banding and case finish types.
I will not post info here as it is an unfinished project.

The mention of HE loads by MF I feel is wrong as Australia used combat rounds from MR France from at least 1966 to 1970 as I have found fired HE cases and pulled projectiles of TP .
I do have a HE fuze but not sure if Aust. made or French. No internals or marks.
I have never seen an Australian HE or HEI load. Only the usual 2102 TP Practice loads.

Lot 6 from 1970 is my earliest lot and 23 70 is the latest I know of from 1970.
It seems Australia did not make Air to Ground (AG) trials till 1982 and also cases marked AUS instead of FR. Then went back to FR marked cases until 1984, my latest dated cases.

I have a 30mm RAKED disrupter case made by MF in 1986 too . (Shortened DEFA).
Information on Australian production is non-existing it seems. I wish I knew more.

I also have found unpainted projectiles from the MF factory. The above example seems it has the paint removed as EOD says otherwise a factory unfinished , unpainted example. Ron.

But this is Sweden then and not the UK as you implied above.

But I wonder why Sweden would use unpainted projectiles. Or is that grey?

I implied that the UK produced ammuntition for Sweden?

Ok, but the “unpainted” is no UK feature then. Just to make that clear to the readers here.

So are the unpainted ones are confirmed in Sweden? Means do the Swedish docs say there were unpainted ones or is the color chart just showing a grey painted one?

Its weird, practice ammo below 20 mm is to be unpainted, but practice ammo above 20 mm is not specified, except for a few notes in the “special paint section”, which says that “shells” meant for practice can be painted fully blue and “ballast projectiles” meant for practice can be fully brown. So idk.