30mm Ammo

Is it possible to get spent 30mm ammo off the USAF or the RAF? Or do they just sort of ignore anyone that asks for it?


You couldn’t get it direct from them, but inert rounds are on the market. What specific calibre are you looking for? Eg. 30x113B, 30x173?

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30 x 113 inert rounds are common in the UK, I know someone who sells good quality dummy rounds with the projectile crimped in place for

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How easy would an inert 30x173 TP round be to find in the USA?

If I could, I would like a real tactical DU round, but I’m not sure what the regulations on ownership of those are in the UK. There is nothing in the ammunition section of our gun laws that I know of that prohibits them.

Falcon, check your legislation on the subject of radioactive or nuclear material.