30mm Dimensions


As a former A-10 pilot, I’ve always wanted a collection of all three cartridges we shot in the A-10; PGU-13/B HEI, PGU-14/B API, PGU-15/B TP rounds. Does anyone have the dimensions for any of these rounds as I have empty TP cases that I want a shop smith to turn some “dummy” rounds out of blank stock for display purposes. Yes I unfortunately fly a desk now… ;-)

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Welcome to the IAA and most of all, THANK YOU for your service to our Country, Wilson! I’m thinking that with a little effort, the members here can help you find real, INERT examples of the 30MM rounds you are looking for. If the API was DU it may be harder to find but most of these rounds are available as inert displays. I will definitely keep an eye out for you. Also, send me an e-mail and I would be happy to send you some web-sites that could be great sources for you to check out.

PS: Thanks again for everything that you have done and still do. EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!

Wilson–As Jason said, those 30mm rounds are not too hard to come by in Inert, Dummy format. Another alternative to haveing fake projectiles made, which might prove to be difficult since most 30mm projectiles have plastic driving bands, would be to use real TP projectiles painted to simulate the various loads. As an active Air Force pilot, you can probable get some TP projectiles from the local EOD at your base or a close by base.

Here’s a nice PGU-15/B TP projectile for sale on Gunbroker:


Here’s a PGU-13/B:


The PGU-14/B projectiles come up now and then as well, although they are often more expensive. Nine times out of ten they will not have the DU core - they will either have no core or a steel core.

As Ron and Jason mentioned, inert rounds do appear from time to time. The PGU-16/B dummies are pretty common, and if you’re patient you can find factory inert PGU-15/B, PGU-14/B, and PGU-15/B cartridges. These tend to be expensive, but they are nice!

I think I have a copy of a drawing for the PGU-14/B projectile somewhere although it will take a few days for me to dig it out. Once I find it (assuming the dimensions are legible) I can forward a copy to you. Current versions of the TP and API projectiles should have the same profile so you could machine both of those from PGU-14/B drawing. I don’t think I have a drawing of the PGU-13/B however.


Many thanks to your posts and suggestions. I do have a CAD drawing of a PGU-14/B but I know the exact dimensions are slightly different than the other two. I vaguely remember discussion on how the Hogg’s computer calculated different impact points based on if you had all API or a “combat mix” of TP and HEI (which works like a champ by the way).

A very good friend of mine is still actively flying the Hogg and is able to supply me with expended TP and HEI casings that were shot in OEF/OIF. “twoaz” - thanks for the point out on Gunbroker; I’ve placed bid on a few rounds. They don’t have to be perfect because they are going into spent shells. Us Hogg drivers don’t care if it looks ugly…that’s the way we prefer it.

I’ll still keep my eyes pealed for a set of pristine examples as at some point in time, I will want a clean set to display as well.

Again, much appreciated gents not only in the information but for your support. My experience these 11+ years has been wonderful and much of it is because of the backing of good folks like you supporting our efforts.



I just sent you an e-mail with a few different sources of various 30MM rounds. Keep me in the loop if you do not find what you are looking for.


The Air Force Museum has a ladder leading to the cockpit on their A-10, so of course, after admiring the gun which fires the great ammo discussed here, I just had to climb up to look at the office. WOW- Not much space at all, and everywhere but under the pilot’s butt and back is covered with switches and gauges and control thingies. All to lug around that great gun and ammo. And a couple tons of other assorted ammo too. Wonderfully flexible and useful aircraft, even if the USAF fighter mafia belittle them as mere mud movers.

Gave me even greater respect and appreciation for the guys and gals who fly those beautifully ugly beasts to deliver their ordnance.

The A-10 jockeys do “ground combat” and there is no reason why the mach 2 guys who stay away from ground to air fire should belittle them at all! “Respect” would be the better wording here.

Btw.: I always liked the spirit of the Marine pilots flying with camaufalge covers on their helmets!