30mm Dummy with Aluminum Case

I bought this round about 25 years ago from a Mil-Surp store in Tulsa, OK. I have not been able to find any information on it, and I can’t find any pictures of it being used in any guns. It looks like it was linked at one point, but when removed it scuffed the finish around the neck. The primer seems to be intact, and it sounds like it is filled with powder. My wife has asked me to store it in my safe for safety reasons due to it’s size and the amount of powder it in. I dont know anything about dummy rounds so this may all be unnecessary.
Can anyone answer a few questions for me?

  1. Is it live?
  2. Is it legal to own without a DD permit?
  3. What gun uses it?
  4. What is the history on it (aluminum case? )

The closest I have come to finding anything on it was a story the original seller gave me about the owner being part of a project to create a round for a 30mm cannon. The round was not accepted, and the participants in the project were given “Souvenir Rounds” as a momento of the project.

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You have at first glance a 30 x 165mm Philco/Ford Dummy Cartridge, filled with inert material to emulate the weight of a loaded round.

This appears to be the same round posted on BOCN back in August of 2011: bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/7 … -Ford?amp=

Hope this helps!


It looks live, & with the blue bullet it should be a practice round. You will need to give the case length, rim dia. and head dia. to know exactly what it is as several companies made these which led up to the GAU-8 round for use in the A-10, WARTHOG’S Gatling gun.

Aluminum cases have been in use for over 100 years, mostly in the early days as experimental but in the 1960’s in the 7.62 and 5.56 a number of problems in using it were solved. Now it’s often used in the GAU-8 (lighter than steel or brass) and in the 40mm grenade.

I see Brian has posted the ID, so I’ll say-no-more.

Being inert I’d GUESS it’s legal to own. Your local & stale laws may have some more say about that.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Holy Cow, that was my POST!!! I could not remember WHERE I posted that question or what the answers were I had received, and never recorded any of the info from the website. I could not find it for the life of me and so I re-posted on here to see if I could get some more info on it.

Awesome forum, and good detective work there.

While I am here, any idea what would be a good asking price for it? Had a guy offer me $25 for it. I was hoping it was worth more.



Glad I could help, blind luck really. It just happened that the thread with your original post on BOCN is one of many I have saved in my information reference collection.

Value? Well you would think that with what seemed like thousands of these showing up in army surplus stores all over the U.S. starting 30 to 35 years (after Philco-Ford lost out on the 30mm contract with the Air Force) that they would have limited $ value. But the market for these types of items appears to be up right now and I’ve seen them priced from $25 on up.

These dummy rounds (30 x 165mm) and the adopted 30 x 173mm dummy rounds can make for an interesting collecting area because of the different types of plastic driving bands used, durable dummies held together by a long screw vs non durable dummies and the various colors used in the anodized or otherwise treated aluminum cartridge cases.