30mm H-Panzergrenate L'Spur (drawing)

But for which cannon and for which aircraft?

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German too.
The PzGr40 designation is also wrong since the airforce designated the tungsten carbide cored AP ammo as H-Panzergranate (H= Hartkern = hard core, Panzergranate = AP projectile).
The designation is: 3cm H-Pantergranate L’Spur. (hard core AP tracer)

This one here was for the 30x185B MK101/MK103.

The drawing is very much “to approximate dimensions” only.

[quote=“EOD”]This one here was for the 30x185B MK101/MK102.
I’m sure you meant to write “MK101/MK103” ;-)

Was the Hartkern projectile ever used by the MK101? I thought that it was first used at Kursk in 1943, at the same time as the MK103 was introduced (slung under the Hs 129).

Of course you are right with the 103, I should stop using my thumbs when writing. I corrected my posting above.

The L.DV. 4000-10 section on the MK101 dated 1942 is listing it for the MK101. Only the 1944 section on the MK103 has it listed for this gun then.
Of course I do not have all editions to judge when exactly the 103 was approved for service with this projectile.

OK, thanks.

On a small item of interesting detail; in 1940 the MK101 was designated MG101 (a gun with this stamped on it was recovered from a Bf 110C-6 shot down over England in August 1940). I’m not sure when the designation changed from MG to MK.