30mm projectile ID help

Can anyone identify the 30mm projectile shown below? It is approximately 68mm in length and it weighs 324 grams. It appears to be solid steel with a copper rotating band. There are no markings at all anywhere on the projectile.

My guess is that it is some type of proof projectile for a 30x113B cartridge but that is pure speculation. If anyone has a definitive ID it would be appreciated!

My original guess about this projectile was wrong. It is actually from an early Harvey Aluminum proposal for the AX Gun Definition Study, which ultimately led to the GAU-8 gun system.

30x165mm Harvey Aluminum Prototype with identical projectile (from Woodin Lab)

Harvey Aluminum projectiles along with similar projectile marked “from GE” (from Woodin Lab)

Edit: replaced incorrect photo.

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Very interesting, thanks for posting.

Do you by chance have any additional information on the mentioned study and Harvey Aluminum R&D leading to this projectile and any other related work by Harvey Aluminum?



My main source of info on the early AX studies comes from Historical Development Summary of Automatic Cannon Caliber Ammunition: 20-30 Millimater by Dale M Davis (AFATL-TR-84-03).

I’ve been working on an article on the early history and development of the GAU-8 round for a few years (0.5% working, 99.5% procrastinating!). This is one area where I’m trying to track down more documentation. Hopefully this year I’ll have more time to devote to the project, and I’ll let you know if I find anything interesting.

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Thanks for the reply and for try to track down information which I have now doubt is daunting task. As far as getting it done I can relate as I too have an article project staring me in the face but work, family matters and other distractions keep getting in the way.

Good luck with the research!


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No answer here but I would not waste too much time and resources on this projectile as it appears to be a typical design for initial propellant tests and internal ballistics and pressure measurements also such vehicels are used for driving band design tests and barrel errosion tests. Similar designs existed from many manufacturers in many calibers (largest I saw was 280mm) and that from the late 1880s till today.

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Chip, great information, thanks!

I should clarify that “AX Gun” is not a gun study but an aircraft study (A-X = Attack-Experimental), for which the GAU-8/A gun was developed in parallel.



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