30mm rare ammo can?


Doing some research on an ammo can I came across and I can’t to find anything. Any help is very appreciated!

From what I can find it looks like maybe Korean War era deck-side can, possibly a US Marines or US Navy Aircraft Carrier? The piece of paper on the bottom side of the lid seems to denote a tail code of a US Marines jet but I could be way off. It’s says packed by CY-I-84, and repacked by CY-I-84


This is a standard issue British H.60 ammunition box, most of which are found labeled (relabeled) for British 30 x 111mmB ADEN practice ammunition. Look at the bottom of the can and you will probably see the H60 designation, mark #, manufacturers initials and a date.

Below is the front cover a British manual (originally dated 12/47 with latter updates) and page from the manual (dated 3/53) showing the H.60 box.



On many of these cans the yellow stencil makrings have been painted over with black spray paint, It appears that on your can some of the black spray paint covering one stencil has been removed (pointed out by red arrow, your photo below). Did you remove the black paint and if so how were able to do so without removing the yellow stenciling?





Wow, thanks for the info!! I actually found the can at a yard sale, I just have a thing for unusual military memorabilia and buy items when I have never seen them before.


When an empty can is in storage or processing, it should be labeled “empty” and the original markings removed, such as painted over with black stencil ink or paint. Then when a can is reused, the new contents would be marked, often over the black obliterating paint.


Interesting, there are stencils on the other side as well, how would this have snuck out like this I wonder. The packing piece of paper stuck on the underside of the lid is very old as well, I am surprised it held up this long. I would upload more images but since I am a new user it only allows one.


Here is my metal container. Anywhere you see some black I cleaned it off as it was blacked out very well.



Very cool, what did you use to clean off the paint?


Usually denatured alcohol, but I also use B-12 Chemtool carburetor cleaner, the “Professional” grade one, not the one for sale to the general public, its worthless. You just have to take your time and you develop a talent over time. The trick is to remove the spray paint and not the underlying paint with it.



I actually have some of both, thanks for the tip!



Your box was manufactured by BMB - Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd., Dagenham, Essex. They had originally manufactured car bodies for a number of manufacturers but in 1953 were purchased by Ford (UK), which is hardly surprising as they are also in Dagenham.

It would appear the box has been filled at least twice 73 and 77.

The rounds were filled and assembled at R.O.F. (Royal Ordnance Factory) Chorley, Lancashire. “.C.Y.”

The links were manufactured by R.O.F. Radway Green “R.G.” The ADEN cannon can be configured to feed from left or right, so the links are ambidextrous. Just rotate them 180 degrees. Hence, the box being marked “L.H. Feed”.

The NSN 1305-00-255-6315 was a surprise, as I would have thought the UK would have codified the store long before we started supplying the U.S. The “Manufacturer” is shown as “Naval Air Systems Command” which I understand to be the procurement body for the U.S.N.



Thank you. I printed out what you stated and put it in the box.



I’ve noticed ammo & rocket cans and containers available for sale on the store shelves at the Sportmen’s Guide in South St. Paul MN all the time. The trick is to get them when they just put them out. Their snapped up almost immediately. Great store! Tom


That sounds like it would be a good opportunity. Sportsman’s Guide had some unissued Chinese 12.7 metal ammunition boxes a time back and they were all gone by the time I received the ad in the mail box.


Also used by RN and RAN for 40mm Bofors shells in 4 round clips.

Doc AV


Inside dimensions are 12" x 10" x 10". Impossible to put a 40mm Bofors shell inside.