30mm round supposedly for Apache helicopter

Hello, I got 2 new inert rounds for my collection of aircraft cannon rounds, 1 is a 20mm German Hispano round but the one I am interested in is the one which is supposedly for the M230 cannon used on the Apache helicopter. I believe the case is correct but the projectile looks wrong to me, looks to long and pointy. The case is made of alloy and appears to have all the correct markings, it says TP which I understand means its a training round, the projectile is blue and made of steel, and has an alloy tip which can be unscrewed and at the base it is stamped with 4 160 139
So could this be the projectile from another 30mm round that’s been stuck in place of the correct one, or is it possible that the same type of ammunition can use different sized projectiles?

right case wrong projectil. apache proj is shorter. that wont feeed in M230!


As I suspected then, thanks for the confirmation.

Your projectile is a 30x170 HS831.


Thank you for the additional info, I have decided to remove it from my collection as it is not right. It’s annoying that it is stuck in really tight so I cant remove it should I ever find the correct projectile then I could have just swapped them.