30x113 Case Sources Overseas


I am looking for a case manufacturer outside the USA. Steel and Aluminum.

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Never heard of Aluminum outside the US.
As for steel Europe is unlikely these days since the caliber is long gone here.
The only one coming to mind with steel is CBC (Brazil).

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Australia made steel into the 80’s. ADI (Thales).

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My last dated Australian Defa case is 2 84.
Does anyone have later dates?

Seen at Avalon Air Show last year, French Manurhin ADEN Dummy Rounds, linked for the Bae Hawk Aden gun pods. Not sure who makes the live ammo for these in Australian use. I did ask the armourers but they apparently don’t pay attention to that sort of detail.

In my view the Czechs have engineering competence in this field and are known for the ability to ensure effective quality control.
You can write off Germany, which itself is desperately looking for a maker of 20 x 139 steel cases since Diehl left this field. I do not know who makes the 27 mm cases for BK 27 and MLG.

I think Jay’s question is on who today is able to provide such cases. This means who is offering them actively as he has the machinery on hand and functional.
Getting a factory which has to produce the machinery from scratch and also has to find the drawings for steel case production may become a financial nightmare.
Who made them in the past does not matter as capacities are long gone since noone stores machinery and tooling for (almost) obsolete calibers (ADEN/DEFA).

Nexter and Expal are currently manufacturing their own 30x113B cases. Denel is another option.

for EOD ,there are french alu cases in 30x113 and perhap belgian but yes it a experiment not current production

A french alu case who never saw service


i don’t know this color variant
i know yellow and green

Does anyone have a Specification Sheet for this ammo. I tracked down this lot of surplus ammo for the original customer, however it is too old for them 1993. I have found another customer, however I don’t have details and the Manurhin Plant shut down around 2006.

Jay MAST 30x113 HEI 20200221.pdf (1.2 MB)

Hellenic Defence Systems produce steel cased 30x113mm