30x113 mm ADEN High explosive mk.5z data

So im currently doing research on the 30 mm ADEN and its early ammunition. Now what i cant seem to find is data on the early high explosive shells for the ADEN and specifically the mk.5z which seems to have been the most common during the 1950’s. Its of the type mine shell and painted in a faded brown esc yellow or nato yellow (early - late sorta). What i specifically want to know is the explosive filler ammount, weight and muzzle velocity but any info is wellcome. I have found that it was filled with torpex but its a second hand source.

Are there are ADEN experts here who can help me with this case?

I would recommend you to look at Labbett’s & Brown’s “British Service 30mm & 30/20mm Ammunition (ADEN)”. Published in 1990.

I had a brief look and Torpex-5 is named there and also some other fillers were tested and maybe got adopted.

Thanks for the suggestion. Il see if i can get my hands on it.

Did you try Tony Williams’ website quarryhs.co.uk and his ammunition data tables ?

No as it doesn’t have specific data on the different shells of the ADEN.

I was able to find Swedish data on facebook though. I made this for clarification.

Sk/skarp has the meaning of “live” or “ball” cartridge/munitions, just to be clear.
Skarp has the same meaning in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, the best translation depends on the context.

Just out of curiosity, has this anything to do with a certain J-29D (and akan m/55)?


I don t know about ball but it does mean live cartridge yes. I translated that in the middle of the night. And yes its for sekrit dokuments ;)

Gotcha :-)