30x113mm Sectioned


Bought these a while back from an online auction. Posted them over on the BOCN first with TonyWilliams helping to identifying them for me. Thanks again Tony.
30x113mm steel cased target practice rounds with dummy fuzes, inert. Painted red inside where the powder would be. The others are different types of dummies rounds. For the French DEFA aircraft revolver cannon. (If they were brass cases would be for the British ADEN aircraft revolver cannon, or light alloy cases for the M230 chain gun used on the Apache helicopter.)
30x100mm The two smaller rounds are dummies for the experimental WECOM gun fitted to the AH-56 Cheyene experimental attack helicopter.


Very, very cool! Major score!



Interesting that you made the cut keeping the full base intact so you can see the full headstamp. I like that!



nice pictures.

Can you please post pictures of the other side of the rounds.

Thank you,



Will take better pics tonight with others that I have to do, here is a crappie one of the target rounds. JohnS I didn’t cut them, way beyond the size I can handle. Plus clueless on the bigger ammunition. It is cool how they left the base intact. Also stamped with A.S. 86, A.S. 86/88, A.S. 91, etc… Maybe number from someones collection?


Were those markings on the inside of the case on the opposite side of the headstamp markings there when these cases were sectioned, or were they placed after sectioning? Kind of reminds me a markings stamped on the inside of some of the M148A1B1 105mm cases I have that were stamped on the raw disks before the case was drawn.



Heres the fronts of the 30mm, sorry it took a little longer. APFSDS those markings are post section, even some of them have matching marks on the projectile. Must be for cataloging or something.