30x125mm links?

Hello everyone,
Got my first examples of some 30x125mm T328 dummies late last month and they happened to come in this small section of links.

If my research is correct the cartridge is for the T182 revolver cannon, which was a belt fed cannon. I am unable to find a photo of the links in question and never heard of them until now. So my question is, are these links for the T182 or someone jammed some cartridges into random links?

The links themselves are very heavy duty and somewhat complex. They are made of a heavy gauge stamped steel, and each link is made of 2 different overlapping halves. Each link is connected to the next by a hinge which is connected to the links by a long pin. No markings other than the hand written yellow numbers.

Anyone able to ID these?


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I wonder if this is more of a conveyor belt like in the 37mm M4/M10 aircraft guns.

I was thinking the same, or for something like a loading machine (for example for the M230 or the GAU-8).

However I don’t know if a conveyor system was ever part of the T182? And being an experimental cannon I don’t think a loading machine is it either.

I would try and compare these to the actual T128 links but I can’t even find a photo of those either!

I guess the manual for the gun would be helpfull. But where to find?

Here is a picture of one of the links used in the T182 gun series (not “T128”). Like the T121 gun, they used links from T64 series, but I can’t find the exact designation of this model.

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Thank you Fede, and thank you for the correction as well haha, I will make a mental note of that! Also have edited my posts to correct it.

I guess that solves part of the mystery, they are certainly not the links for the T182.

Posted to the BOCN as well with no luck, these must be quite the oddities!