30x126mm with no markings

I grabbed this at the Harrisburg, PA show without any idea of what it was (ditto for the seller). I think it may be 30x113mm but which country? Appologies for substandard imaging, I edited too much.

  • @ sksvlad: I have a similar fired 30X113B Aden/Defa brass shell case of British manufacture. There are no markings stamped on the shell case head. All the markings are stamped on the case belt and extractor groove. Have you checked carefully for impressed markings the case belt and the extractor groove??? Liviu 03/16/08

There is RG and FN made brass cases without any headstamps, all markings are in case belt and the extractor groove.

Is that really an Aden case? It looks longer than 113mm to me. Have you measured it?

It looks more like the 30x126B T239 US 1950s (for T182 Aden-type aircraft revolver cannon) shown below (from the Ammunition Photo Gallery on my website):

I think that Tony is right.

Sorry, my mistake, it is 126mm long. Great eyes, Tony. And there are no marking on the belt or in the groove.