30x155B Case Manufacturer ID

I have a brass 30x155B fired Case headstamped “4-78” at 12 O’Clock, and “184-И” at 6 O’Clock. There is also a faint inspection mark that looks like “20” upside down underneath the 6 O’Clock hadstamp. This headstamp is a conventional impressed headstamp. Am I correct that this case was made by Zelenodolsk Factory Associates, Kazan Region, Former USSR? And is “4-78” a date of April 1978? What is the meaning of the “И” after “184”? I always like to double check with these Eastern-Bloc cases. Thanks in advance for your help. See photo of headstamp below: (Had to leave it big so it could be cleary seen).

  • @ Falcon: The stamp “4-78” shows the lot number “4” and the two digit date “78”. The Russian shell case maker’s code “184” is for “Zelenodolsk Factory Associates”. Following the factory code “184” there is the Cyrillc letter which looks like an inverted “N” [the letter “I” in the Latin alphabet]. The meaning of this letter is quite simple: stamp of the chief of quality control department. Other letters can be found as well [example: the Cyrillic letter “3” which is “Z” in the Latin alphabet, see my photo of the 30X165 headstamp on page 51, IAA Journal # 455, May/Jun '07]. Liviu 03/03/08

Thanks Liviu, I also have a 30x165 case, that has the Cyrillic letter “Д” (D) as an overstamp.

Cyrillic “И” is a code of year of manufacturing - 1955

  • @ Dart: Since the 30X165 rimless round did NOT exist in 1950s, that particular Cyrillic letter isn’t a year code. Liviu 03/04/08

We talk about 30x155B round for Nudelman aircraft gun, not about 30x165 round!