30x164 and 30x173 BUT with BRASS case

i find a picture that show 30x164 and 30x173 with BRASS case

i nevers seen a 30x164 with brass case only steel +finition (lacquered or zinc or chromate…)
and the only 30x173 with brass case is an experimental swiss


on the picture is brass ,not brass steel plated (the color is different)

Very interesting!
30x165 you probably mean.

The website does not state it is brass. Could be also anodized Aluminum or brass washed steel.


This is a recent production by NRC Ammunition in Thailand and the cases indeed look like made of brass. The thai army also tested 30x165 with lacquered steel cases -grey color-, but I’m not sure if these are manufactured locally. Headstamp on the brass looking case is “NRC 30x165”, which is the same headstamp style they use in pistol calibers like 9 mm, .45 Auto, .38 Spl., etc.



based on the color i think is well brass

steel or aluminium plated brass are very distinguable color

the only brass case that i see in the same color as steel or aluminium plated brass is experimental treated brass with acid or cyanide (like the 7.62x51 in the picture)

Fede, is there an image available of that 30x165 headstamp?

Here what could be their steel cases, though the finish would allow to suspect for other materials too:

And here what could be brass but to my view the surface does not really look exactly like brass:

on the last picture i m sure that is steel laquered case (gold finish)


Fede, this is great! Thanks a lot!

Here is another picture from a display showing sectioned Thai 30x165 and 30x173 cartridges. Both cases are definitely made of brass.

Fede, is there stated that the upper round is a 30x165?

Alex, no, that’s the 30x173. Below you can see the 30x165, but the picture is not very good.

Here is another one showing linked 30x165:



Fede, again thanks for confirmation. I wondered already as it did not look like a 30x165.

The new pic here shows the TP tracer load. First time I see it!

Another nice picture showing the manufacturing steps of the 30x165 case:

NRC short video showing production line and firing rounds at the range:

Just for interest, my 30 x 173 collection. The one on the left is the original Oerlikon revolver cannon round, which is brass-cased. Next to it is the first production version, steel-cased for the KCA cannon. Fourth one along is interesting: light-alloy cased but with electric priming and conventional driving band, for the GAU-9/A (modified KCA, as a back-up for the GAU-8/A)). The rest are standard production items, except for the last one - Denel loaded some cases with DEFA projectiles from the 30 x 113B, to see what would happen. It was not a success…