30x165 Soviet case manufacturer ID

Can anyone ID the manufacturer of this steel 30x165 Soviet Case? Headstamp is “24-85” at 12 o’clock over [upwards arrow]-C at 6 o’clock. There is also what looks to be an overstamp to the bottom right of the “C” of the cyrillic letter “D” at an odd angle. The case is plated a matt light grey colour.

  • @ Falcon: The 30X165 rimless bottlenecked thick zinc-clad steel case should have an impressed headstamp like this: at 12 o’clock like you mentioned “24-85” [shell case lot number 24 and two digit date 85 for the year of manufacture 1985] and at 6 o’clock the shell case maker’s mark [most probably “184” followed by a Cyrillic letter]. Can you post a good quality picture of the headstamp??? Some other Cyrillic letters and numbers may be found on the headstamp. What type of primer your 30X165 shell case has??? This is very important since the 30X165 rounds having electrical primers are used by Navy and aircraft 30mm guns and the 30X165 rounds having KV-3 percussion primers [diameter of 10.5mm / 0.413-inch] are used by 2A42, 2A72 and 2A38M 30mm automatic guns which fire at light-armored targets. If you have the IAA Journal issue #455 [May/Jun '07] see on page 51 my subject named “Russian 30mm Headstamps”. Liviu 11/04/07

The arrow in Falcon’s case is the manufacturer logo.

  • @ EOD: Which manufacturer??? A photo will be good. Liviu 11/04/07

Falcon has the case not me.
The manufacturer of the case I mean.

This is an approximate computer generated drawing of the headstamp:

Both lines of text are actually slightly curved to be in line with the round case head. This case is fitted with a percussion primer with a brass cap and 3 semi circular wrench holes. The small character to the bottom right of the text at 6 o’clock is a Cyrillic “D” tipped on its side.

  • @ Falcon: Your 30X165 shell case does have an electric primer screw [not a percussion primer], see here at the very bottom —> municion.org/30mm/30x164Ao18.htm I don’t know which manufacturer made your 30X165 shell case. I hope somebody else can give you the right answer. Liviu 11/04/07

Hello Falcon,

The arrow symbol on your 30 mm case corresponds to the State Enterprise for Scientific Production PRIBOR”, in the Moscow area.

They are specialised in middle and big bore ammunition



Cheers Phillipe, your answer solves the question on the manufacturer of the case.

Liviu RE The primer: It is a screw-in type, but I don’t think it is electric as there is no insulation visible between the primer body and the primer cup as shows on the electric primed rounds on the website. Mine also has a far larger dent that looks to be left by a firing pin, rather than the light dent left by an electrical contact shown on the examples on the municion.org site. The primer cup on mine is also brass, the ones on the website look to be nickel or some other silver coloured metal.

What is the name of the cannon this case would be used in (with a percussion primer)?

Phillipe, I have read on another website that the meaning of the arrow and “C” on Russian ammunition is not known. Where did you hear that the arrow meant “State Enterprise For Scientific Production”?