30x173 API DU with steel body?

Was there ever a 30x173 API DU round for the GAU-8 which had a projectile body made of steel?
Presumably early production?

Are you talking about the ones marked steel? I thought they all had an aluminum windscreen and steel/iron body?

Not sure, I never saw such markings.
Those I know of have an aluminum body and aluminum windscreen, 2 plastic driving bands, core then is DU.

Would you have an image of the one you are speaking of?

for KaptainsSurplus
i think it exist a picture of this projectile on BOCN (but i cannot find it)
it marked “steel” but it the projectile or the penetrator made of steel ?

edit i find the bocn topic

no EOD talk about projectile with steel BODY but with a DU core
the actuals version had aluminium body and thin aluminium cap
maybe the first versions ,or trials are with steel body instead of aluminium