30x173 HPT case


i got recently a case of 30x173 HPT
the case is dark marron finish and has a 30mm red band in the middle of case

marquing in white

30mm hpt
13309 78001080 2

marquing in black

1400730 1
acn91m007 018

i would know the color of shell and if the shell had standard shape (like pgu14) or special shape ?
thank in advance for your responses


The projectile is lavender but otherwise it is the same profile as a PGU-15/B TP round. I’ll try to dig mine out in a little bit and post a photo for you.

(Post edited to correct earlier statement that the HPT projectile was blue.)


thank for your response
the shell is a ordinary target practice projectile
i ask this question because i see a 20x102 HPT with a projectile with special shape like “chrismas tree” shape (or 50bmg salvo squeeze bore)


It looks like my memory was faulty and I was thinking of a regular PGU-15/B TP round I have with a purple case. My HPT round has a lavender projectile that is otherwise identical to a PGU-15/B TP round. Here’s a photo, and sorry for the incorrect info!

The projectile is marked in black: AJD92B001S001
The case is marked in black:


thank for your response
my case is the same as your picture
the 20x102 hpt i see has the same color of your projectile