30x173 MK240 SAPHEI and MK268 APFSDS-T

Is there any info, manyuals, technical descriptions and images available on these 2 rounds?

The web was surprisingly meager on these cartridges.

Alex, these are Diehl and Oerlikon developments for the US Marines. I’ll post some pages from a brochure.

Great! That explains why they were looking so familiar.

Thanks Fede!
Interesting, I thought they would use steel cases in the MK44.

I wonder what powers they use to load these rounds.


There are some confusing alliances between ammo makers these days, in the field of medium calibre cannon ammo.

I was told at Eurosatory that Mecar, which used to be owned by Chemring but was recently sold to Nexter, has an agreement with ATK that ATK would make HEI rounds while Mecar make APFSDS.

Nammo Raufoss developed the MK258 supercavitating APFSDS (originally for the RAMICS anti-mine system) and the MK264 MPLD, both of which are marketed in the USA by GD-OTS.

ATK and Diehl worked together on the development of the MK310 PABM (also made by GD-OTS as the HEAB).

ATK and GD-OTS were jointly developing the Super 40 ammunition but GD has stopped work on it, so ATK is continuing alone (logical, since the only gun designed to fire it is made by ATK).

ATK and RWM have an agreement concerning the development of propellents for such ammo.

and so on…

Yes, globalization makes things more difficult to keep track on…

If to this mess you add every subcontractor making each component it can certainly drive you crazy. For example, in the manufacture of the components of a 40x53R HEDP round there are 15 different manufacturers involved! I do not want to even think in larger and complicated rounds…