30X173 Steel Case - Headstamp

  • There is a fired rimless steel case 30X173 having a nickel finnish with these impressed headstamp markings [starting from 9 o’clock position and going clockwise]: “N”, “Oe”, “S4”, “PSW” and “02”. The mark “Oe” is the logo for “Oerlikon” and “PSW” stands for “Press & Stanzwerk”, Eschen, Liechtenstein. What is the meaning of the other headstamp markings “N”, “S4” and “02”??? I’m sure it is an early 30X173 steel shell case but there is no date on the headstamp. The 30X173 steel case has a short neck [only 15.3mm / 0.602-inch tall] and a rim and body diameter of 44mm [1.732-inch]. The fired electric primer screw has a diameter of 14mm [0.551-inch]. Which weapon fired this 30X173 steel case??? Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 02/09/07



Oerlikon KCA


  • Thank you “Mhistory” for posting [above] my picture. I’m unable to post my own pictures with my Web-TV (ISP). — Are you sure my 30X173 steel case was fired by the Oerlikon KCA??? I think my 30X173 steel case was made in 1950s like a few other 30X173 brass shell cases I also have. Liviu 02/09/07