30x173mm PGU-14/B Packaging

I am looking for pictures, photos or even diagrams of the standard packaging that the 30x173mm ammo as used in the GAU-8 comes in.
I make drawings like this flickr.com/photos/william_bl … 509979528/ for my own amusement and would like it to be at least some what accurate but I can’t seem to find anything on the packaging. Also if you have any ideas or comments for new drawings, please let me know.

nice drawing
for the packaging i know two models

the other look like a 20mm vulcan or 40mm grenade can

The 30x173mm MPDS as used in the Royal Netherlands Navy is packed in metal boxes, type M592.

The specific container for the PGU-14/B DU loading was designated CNU-309E:

the CNU-309E container is not the same as the container in the first picture ?
how many rounds contain these containers ?

The one in the picture looks like a CNU-332/E container for generic GAU-8 30 mm ammunition, which is a free breathing non sealed design. Both models hold 575 rounds and belted link tube carriers.

Thanks for all the info guys. If anyone has a close op of these boxes that would be great. Or if you can just describe it. It looks reddish brown with a painted over rusted texture as far as I can tell form what I’ve seen.

thank for your response
now i can see the light difference between these containers